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Solar Shades

Custom Solutions

Solar Shades – Filter The Phoenix AZ Sun

Solar shades are an elegant and modern window treatment solution. Rather than blocking out all the light, they let you block out only the amount of sun you need. When not needed, our high quality solar shades are unobtrusive and out of the way.

solar shade tinting

Simple, modern and cost effective solution for any location. Altered Element offers custom window coverings roller shades. Our shades combine technical excellence with design perfection to create custom shades systems that offer style and durability.

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Privacy Shades – On-Demand Privacy At A Reasonable Cost

Privacy shades are quite similar to solar shades. What makes them different is the use of thicker materials to block out more light and provide more privacy. Indeed, there are privacy shades that are thick enough to use in offices to block out light for presentations or movies.

Need more privacy? Ask about our privacy shades!