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Creating Magic With Light & Texture

Altered Element understands that as an Architect or Designer one of the main elements within a space you are trying to control is light. Through the use of window tinting and films with different textures, patterns, and frosts you can dramatically alter a space.

Films can add a touch of privacy to a room while incorporating an element of beauty and design. Altered Element has a wide range of products to fit any design need, let us help you add the finishing touch.

We offer shades that are available with a wide range of fabric designs and printed logo options:

Phoenix Architects & Designers Window Tinting & Film

As an architect or designer, we know that you appreciate the value proper lighting makes in bringing a room to life. Window films provide you with more control over the natural light in a room. With different textures, patterns, and frosts you can dramatically alter the feel of a room.

Custom Graphic Shades

With custom printed graphic shades, you can help your clients customize and brand their commercial space, giving their office or retail location a sense of corporate identity. If you need product mockups or product samples to help your clients understand what you have in mind, then talk to us!

If you’re looking for the right solution to meet your client’s needs, we offer the best solutions in window tinting and films.
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