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Window Film For Engineers & Facilities, Phoenix AZ

[dropcap type=”colored”]Y[/dropcap]ou can save on energy costs with solar control film. Everyone has experienced how hot our cars can get when left out in the sun. It is the greenhouse effect! The same can happen on a larger scale with buildings. Employing solar control window films is the equivalent of parking your car in the shade. It can yield enormous savings on temperature control at a comparatively low installation cost.

Especially in a sunny place like Arizona!

engineer window film

Add Privacy & Protect Your Property

Window tinting & films can  protect your privacy while also keeping yours valuables and employees protected. Solar control isn’t the only benefit of window films. The right window film solution can also provide your client’s with the privacy they need.

– Saving on energy costs with solar control film
– Keep your valuables & employees protected
– Add privacy &  flare with decorative film
– Protect property with graffiti film

Let us help you save on energy costs, provide a more comfortable work environment and increased safety all while enhancing your building’s appearance.

Protect The Arizona Properties You Manage With Anti-Graffiti Film

It only takes one person a few seconds to cause damage to your property with graffiti. Graffiti film is practically invisible when installed properly and is much cheaper to replace when damaged than glass windows or mirrors.

Is graffiti a problem in your area? Ask Altered Element more about how graffiti film can provide a solution!

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Partner with Altered Element

[dropcap type=”colored”]H[/dropcap]ave Altered Element be part of your go green team. As an SRP Alliance Member let us help walk you through the approval and rebate process on window films. Let us help your business save money.

» SRP Energy Allience Member / SRP Business Solutions

Safety Success Story

Liberty Elementary installs Solar Gard Armorcoat® film and sets the standard for schools! In today’s school systems, there are two issues that administrators must constantly contend with: students’ safety and operating costs. Kenneth Payne, school superintendent for Duneland School corporation of Porter County, Indiana, addressed both issues with the Liberty Elementary School building, in hopes of determining a solution that could benefit all schools in his district.

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